Samsung are considering ending Tizen TV production in India

Sep 4, 2018

Samsung makes many of their products in India,  for example, TVs are one of their biggest investments. Now, a report suggests that Samsung are looking to stop the production of TVs in India in favor of imports. It is said that the company are working out plans to import their TV lines from Vietnam instead of making them locally in India. The report has said that Samsung have been considering this for a few months now after the government levied an import duty on key parts that are necessary to make their Smart TVs.


The Indian factory in Chennai is where Samsung makes their televisions with an annual production yield of 300,000 units. A local publication stated that Samsung had mentioned to their suppliers to both limit and then end production of the TV sets at the factory.

Meanwhile,  Vietnam is home to one of Samsung's top manufacturing bases where it is estimated the factory makes over $50 billion worth of goods. So if Samsung where to stop manufacture in India, the Vietnamese factory would be under more stress.

When asked if Samsung are moving out of India for TV production, their spokesperson responded with "Samsung remains deeply committed to India. As regards to your query, no decision has been taken so far"

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