Samsung S-Health updated to version 6 - Given a new look and features

Sep 12, 2018

Samsung has recently launched their new version of the Samsung Health app. Version 6.0, which brings both new features and a new user interface. It will also further personalisation so that users can have more control of their well being. The Samsung Health app is used by over 50 million people around the globe. The new interface makes it easier to navigate, something that many may appreciate.


Samsung say that they have put customer feedback to good use in designing the UI of the new app. They've simplified the home screen, it's now categorised and is prioritised based on every individual's personal needs and habits. This will help people access what they want quickly and efficiently.


The 'Together' tab has been improved as well. People can now share photos and mark their fitness milestones with friends inside of the app. Users can also connect with the global Samsung Health community to share with even more people and potentially inspire others to reach their own goals.



The 'Discover' tab offers a personalised experience with articles, programs and partnering apps based off of the users level of fitness and their interest in health. From here, you can also purchase wearables, accessories and other assets that are related to health. The app will also let users' watches keep on track of their sleeping cycles by using the Sleep Stage Detection feature.

Now that Samsung is currently selling their shiny, new Galaxy Watch, it would make sense that they would also improve the Samsung Health app.

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