Verizon yet to announce Galaxy Watch, customers frustrated

Sep 17, 2018

A number of potential Samsung Galaxy Watch customers in the United States are left frustrated as their preferred carriers aren't selling the device yet. Samsung started taking pre-orders for the T-Mobile LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch as early as August 22 in the US. And even today, T-Mobile remains the only carrier in the US that’s selling the latest Samsung smartwatch. It has caused frustration among the customers of Verizon and AT&T, who have now started taking to social media and the company’s official forums to voice their displeasure.


LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch

Samsung released the Bluetooth version of the Galaxy Watch in the US on August 24, closely followed by the release of LTE version. While T-Mobile was quick enough to jump into the foray, Verizon and AT&T are yet to announce any firm availability details. The Galaxy Watch is set to become available from both the carriers later this year, but lack of concrete info is what making their customers angry.

Aggitated Verizon customers, and potential buyers of the watch, have even contacted the company’s customers support service to inquire about the matter. However, they are still unable to get any specific details, but are told that the firm is presently working on special promotional offers.



Samsung's previous LTE-compatible watch, Gear S3, was also late to arrive on Verizon, by approximately eight months. So considering the trend, Verizon might once again force its customers to wait for another few months. Samsung, meanwhile, doesn't seem to be able to influence the decision as it's likely the carrier’s retail strategy. While AT&T is expected to launch the Galaxy Watch on its network in the coming days, Sprint is unlikely to carry the watch.

T-mobile, meanwhile, is already up and running, and is even offering a 50% discount on the second Galaxy Watch for customers who buy two.

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