Verizon's New GizmoWatch Kids Smartwatch Now Available Online

Sep 20, 2018

Verizon has added a new member to their range of smartwatches called the GizmoWatch. It exceeds both the LG GizmoGadget and the GizmoPal 2 with its features in a few key ways.

First of all, the watch is given the privilege of being the "first 4G LTE kid's watch in the United States powered by Qualcomm" - Specifically this is the Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 2100 processor, but this will be fine for undemanding children. Yes, the kids' smartwatch can make and receive calls on Verizon's highspeed network without the use of a phone.

PARENTS DON'T WORRY! You have the power to approve and manually add every single contact. There's a limit of 10 contacts for "2-way voice calls and messaging" that includes a number that will be recognised as a primary caregiver. Other ways to keep tabs on the kids using this watch is through the GPS locator it has. It will send you an alert whenever the child tries to leave a zone that you would've set. The watch also supports iOS and Android platforms. If you feel that they'll be distracted by it too much, you can pause all watch activity when its time for them to go to school or during dinner time by programming it accordingly.


The GizmoWatch is advertised to be "more durable " and "sophisticated" than its predecessors. This watch isn't the most stylish that we've seen, but I'm sure the kids won't care too much, after all, they will have a shiny new gadget to play with. The watch can resist water up to one meter of depth for about half an hour.


The colourful bands, like many others, can be switched to something the kids might prefer more. The watch maximises its battery life by not relying on apps and data too much. The company boasting about four days of usage on a single charge. The GizmoWatch rolls in with a price of $179.99 online today and in physical stores on October 10. You can buy it using the buy now link below and learn more about the mobile plans it is offered with:

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