Fortnite addict? Download this Fortnite watch face for your smartwtach

Oct 31, 2018

If you're a Fortnite addict, and own a Samsung Gear/ Galaxy Watch, you might want to download this watch face right now. Based on the Fortnite Galaxy skin that Samsung offered as an incentive to customers who purchase the Galaxy Note 9, this watch face has some cool ingredients to get you excited.


Fortnite watch face for Samsung smartwatches

Earlier in August, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 at an event in New York. As part of that launch, Samsung and Epic Games (Fortnite developer) announced the arrival of the game in Android platform, albeit exclusive to Samsung smartphones and tablets in the beginning. Samsung also offered a Fortnite Galaxy skin to the early buyers of its latest flagship, along with some freebies that included 15,000 V-Bucks ($150 worth of in-game currency for Fortnite). While people certainly were content with Samsung's freebies, one of them has ended up using that Fortnite Galaxy skin to design a watch face for Samsung smartwatches.



This Fortnite watch face isn’t customizable, but if you have the Fortnite Galaxy skin enabled on your Samsung phone or tablet, you can use the watch face to have a similar theme on your smartwatch as well. Luckily, this watch face is available for most of the Samsung smartwatch lineup. There are a few other Fortnite watch faces in the Galaxy Apps store, but they seem to be exclusive to the Galaxy Watch.


Downloading the watch face shouldn't be a problem. Just head on to the Galaxy Apps store on your connected device, go to the watch section and search for Fortnite. The first result should be the watch face. Download it, and you're ready to rock. Alternatively, open this page on your phone and click this link to directly go to the Fortnite watch face download page.


How do you like this watch face? Tell us in the comments below.

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