Google's first Chrome OS tablet to be called Google Pixel Slate, may support dual-booting Windows 10

Oct 2, 2018

Google's long-rumored to launch the 2nd-gen Pixelbook at the “Made By Google” event on October 9. Nowadays before the event, we have an actual name for the upcoming device: Google Pixel Slate. Tech journalist David Ruddock revealed the name via Twitter, citing a trustworthy source.


Google Pixel Slate

Google has been working on a detachable Chromebook under the codename "Nocturne" for some time now. A number of leaks and rumors suggested it to be the upcoming Pixelbook 2 (Google Pixel Slate for that matter), with the latest one coming from keyboard accessory maker Brydge. Along with a supposed keyboard for the Google Pixel Slate, Brydge also revealed what appears to be an imperfect render of the device. Google Pixel Slate will likely be a tablet and not a detachable Chromebook.

Google has been often successful in keeping information about upcoming devices under wraps in the leadup to launch. But this year has been slightly different, and we already know quite a lot about the Google Pixel Slate, including a fingerprint scanner on its top-left edge. The device is also expected to feature a 3,000 x 2,000 resolution display, and a minimum of 8GB RAM.



Interestingly enough, the Google Pixel Slate name has surfaced online a number of times in the past. The Pixel Slate was earlier reported to be the name for a Smart Display device, but Google seems to have settled on it for the tablet.


Dual-booting Windows 10

Chrome OS may not be the only operating system available for the Google Pixel Slate. Google is known to be working on making select Chromebooks able to dual-boot Windows 10. Its Pixelbook is the only currently available Chromebook to get it. And a Chromium commit indicates its successor, Google Pixel Slate to be the next one. A commit from July talks about Windows 10 being tested on "Nocturne", the device we expect to come out as the Google Pixel Slate.



This commit, obviously, does not guarantee the Google Pixel Slate to come with dual-boot capabilities. However, if Nocturne is indeed the Google Pixel Slate, then it'll certainly be among the Chromebooks to get Windows 10 support if and when it is officially announced. And when that happens, the Pixel Slate will be a really compelling product for a large number of potential buyers. Chrome OS has just added Linux app support to its already-blooming Android app experience. Just imagine the option of Windows 10 along.


Meanwhile, we’re only a week away from Made By Google event in New York. So not a too long wait now.

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