Samsung to host a separate developers conference for Bixby

Oct 24, 2018

Samsung is scheduled to host its annual developer conference (SDC) in San Francisco on November 7-8. The SDC 2018 event is likely to include talks about the company's advancements in software, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and more. There may also be some hardware reveals, with the company's foldable smartphone widely anticipated to appear at the event. More details about the Samsung smart speaker, Galaxy Home, are also expected at the event.

Bixby, Samsung's AI personal assistant, should also get some attention at the event. However, for the first time ever, Samsung will be holding a separate developer event for Bixby. Called the Bixby Developer Day (BDD), the event will take place on November 20 in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung has confirmed.


Bixby Developer Day 2018

The Bixby Developer Day is a new Samsung developers conference completely dedicated to Bixby. This years edition will include a keynote speech from prominent Samsung executives involved in the development of Bixby. Among the speakers is Eui-Suk Chung, Samsung Vice President, and the head of research and development of software and Bixby. Since Bixby is being developed under his responsibility, it'll be interesting to see what he has to share. Larry Heck, head of Samsung’s AI Center in the US will also conduct a session of the keynote speech.




This developers conference is expected to reveal a lot about how Samsung's going to facilitate product integration with Bixby. It should also include discussions on to improve the user experience, personalization services and more. There will be an exhibition of Bixby products under development by Samsung's partners. There's also going to be a development environment for the developers to code on the spot.


As said earlier, the Bixby Developer Day 2018 will take place on November 20 in COEX Intercontinental Hotel Harmony Ballroom, Seoul, South Korea. Those who are interested in attending the event can register here.

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