Google Pixel Slate begins shipping to customers

Nov 27, 2018

The Google Pixel Slate, codenamed Nocturne, was announced almost a couple of months ago now, at Googles hardware event. Well, the good news is that the device is actually shipping now from both Google and Amazon. In fact, my Pixel Slate has just landed in the office this morning and we will have an unboxing, initial impressions post, video, and pictures up very soon.

Previously, I was told that I had a few more days until the Pixel Slate made its way to me, but on Sunday I received an email that it had been dispatched and was on the way, and today it ARRIVED. Google had mixed up some of the dates, but last week we received some more concrete Information about the Pixel Slate shipping dates.

The OS powering the Pixel Slate is Chrome OS and I found it to be an Interesting proposition on the Pixel Book. The problem, for me, was that I didn't always need that lovely keyboard to be connected, sometimes I wanted the feel of a tablet, not of a tablet with a heavy keyboard flipped around the back.

Oh, and if you work for Google, then please send us a Keyboard for review as ours hasn't arrived yet. Let us know if you have received your Pixel Slate and what country you are in. We will be putting the Pixel Slate through its paces, but if there is anything specific you want to know, then please drop us an email at [email protected]

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