Google’s Pixel Slate Gets an Official Release Date From Amazon

Nov 21, 2018

The Pixel Slate, Google's first Chrome OS-based tablet, is now on the verge of getting released following its official Pixel Slate announcement. Previously, due to a little mix-up from the Google Store and Best Buy, many customers were left thinking they will get their new Pixel Slate as soon as TOMORROW!


Now, Amazon has updated its Pixel Slate listing with a confirmed release date of November 27th. This is also a date that has been confirmed by Google in a message to David Ruddock from Android Police. Why was there a date of 22nd November circulating in the first place? Well, this could have simply been a miscommunicated date as originally Google have sent out dates relating to the end of next week.

The Pixel Slate represents an Interesting proposition as most of us spend most of our lives in the web browser, so a browser OS can fulfil most of what we need. We have even more reasons to pick this device from its powerful hardware as well as Native Android App support, Chrome OS Linux App support, Windows dual-boot, Rush Video Editing, and a native built-in Linux terminal.

This tablet form factor with a detachable keyboard can also be very Interesting, as no one wants to read on a heavy device, like the Pixelbook with the keyboard flipped all the way back - Its terrible as its just too heavy to simply be a pleasure, it turns that into pain.

Another device that might also be Interesting, and I'm waiting to get my hands on it, is the HP Chromebook X2. It doesn't have hardware configurations as powerful as the Pixel Slate, but that does mean it is also much cheaper. We also get a keyboard and stylus thrown in for FREE, which you don't get for Google's Pixel Slate. The Pen is $99 and the keyboard is $199 - $298 for those that skipped maths at school, Lol.

If you are ready to order the Pixel Slate, click on the Buy Now button below:


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