OnePlus Roaming lets you a SIM-Free global access to Internet

Nov 20, 2018

OnePlus has just released OxygenOS Open Beta 7 for OpePlus 6, which brings along a global SIM-free data service. Called OnePlus Roaming, the service lets you surf the Web when you're in foreign soil without needing a SIM card. Though the service is touted to work in most countries and regions around the globe, no official list is available yet.


OnePlus Roaming: a SIM-free data service

OnePlus Roaming is a first of its kind smartphone service that's exclusive to OnePlus 6 at the moment. The service provides users with a list of data plans for the country or region they've arrived to. Users can then conveniently purchase a package that will enable data access. Users can also purchase a plan in advance and then activate it later. The list of data packages and their pricing will differ depending on the country and region.



While the service works like a virtual SIM, it's data-only and doesn’t support voice calls. However, that's hardly an issue these days as most of the IM apps allow voice and video calls over the Internet.

You can find the OnePlus Roaming service under Settings > Wi-Fi & Internet on your phone. It's available with OxygenOS Open Beta 7, which is exclusive to OnePlus 6 for now. It should reach other OnePlus models - at least, the OnePlus 6T - in the coming future.


Alongside the OnePlus Roaming service, the OxygenOS Open Beta 7 also brings a few more nifty features to the platform, most notably a Video Enhancer. The feature is designed to adjust colours to deliver you a better video watching experience. It is available under Settings > Display. The latest update also brings some fixes and improvements to telephony and other communications, like vibration when hanging up and the ability to assign a preferred SIM for contacts and groups. OnePlus now also lets you configure the app drawer.

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