Tizen WhatsApp App updated with status feature, pin chats, swipe to reply and other important features

Nov 5, 2018

Yesterday, the Tizen Whatsapp App was updated to version 2.18.12. The last major update the app got was back in June 2018 when WhatsApp video calling was Introduced. This recent update seems to be for the entire range of Tizen mobiles, such as the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4.

The software update brought with it several Important features that Android and iOS users have been enjoying for a while now, but it is still nice to see them finally on the Tizen platform. The new features are listed as below:

  • Status feature added
  • Camera button added in tabs
  • More chat wallpapers added
  • Group editing
  • Text formatting
  • Video calling
  • Pin chats
  • Swipe reply
  • Photo video/filters
  • Two-step verification
  • Document groups
  • And more.

Not available in this update:

  • Document sharing
  • Chat backup
  • Photo/video editing

The Tizen smartphone platform has stagnated over the last 18 months with no new smartphone models being released and not much significant progress in its software catalogue. This makes it even more surprising to see that Facebook has continued working on the WhatsApp App. As ever, we will keep you updated to any developments to the Tizen ecosystem 🙂

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Thanks for the tip Joydeb 😉

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