FITIV Pulse fitness App now available for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Dec 26, 2018

FITIV Pulse is a fitness app that has been released for the Galaxy Watch. The App logs your workout data and then transfers it to the FITIV Pulse companion phone app - which is available for Android devices, as well as iPhone, iPad and the Apple watch. You are now able to gauge your progress and review all your workout metrics.

FITIV Pulse Galaxy Watch Fitness App

Previously, the FITIV Pulse fitness app has been available for the Apple watch as well as Wear OS. Now, you can track your fitness workouts with your Galaxy Watch, as well as Gear S2, Gear Sport, and Gear S3. The USP of the App is that it uses clear heart rate graphing and in-workout visuals to enable you to get faster fitness results.

What can FITIV Pulse do for you?

Whilst training you are able to keep an eye on your training "heart zones", which enables you to target exactly how you want to train in order to optimise your gains. Your watch will display always on Information that makes it easy to read and act on the Information displayed. Tailor the app to suit you by customising the heart rate zone to fit in with your objectives. Track your heart rate and calories burnt during your workouts. It is important to be able to recall the highest heart rate you have achieved in your workout and also the average.

In the App you can record several different type of exercises, such as cardio, running, cycling, , elliptical, HIIT, weightlifting rowing, spinning, swimming, treadmill, walking, wheelchair, yoga, or any other sports workout types. Apparently, you can add your own custom workouts, but I can't see where this is possible in the App. Possibly a coming soon feature?

Heart rate training is a recognised training tool within the fitness industry for improving your health, endurance, and losing weight. You can see a history of your training, such as your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), Average Heart Rate (AHR), and calories burned. Get a better understanding of heart rate zones and it can help you optimize your workouts to leverage the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect to keep you burning calories all day long.

This could be a useful tool. Ok, I'm off to the gym!

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