Galaxy Watch software update rolled out to improve GPS, NFC, and connection problems

Dec 1, 2018

A new software update has been released for the non-LTE version of Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch. The firmware update has a number of bug fixes which includes a problem reconnecting to paired mobiles, improved battery drain when NFC has been enabled and improved GPS connectivity and location accuracy.

Update: This software update is live in the US, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Philippines,  and other parts of Europe so far. Let us know the other countries to add to the list.

The software version is R800XXU1BRK3/R800OXA1BRK3 and the platform is still Tizen The size of the download is only 12.34 MB. The update is currently being rolled out in the US.

Changelog for Galaxy Watch Software BRK3

  • Fixed issue with Galaxy Watch not re-connecting to
    paired smartphones
  • Improved battery efficiency when the NFC setting is
    turned on
  • Improved GPS accuracy and connection

If you haven't been prompted with a notification for the update on your mobile, you can check manually by launching the Samsung wearables app and then scroll down to Settings -> About watch -> Update watch software -> Update now - If there any updates it will commence with the download. If nothing shows then you need to wait a bit longer for the update to be distributed to your region from Samsung.

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