Get £100 off the Chromebook ASUS C302 with a last minute deal

Dec 18, 2018

Many of us are still looking for the perfect tech stocking filler for our loved ones. With Christmas around the corner will we be able to order ONLINE and get it in time? Well, here is a little deal that might be perfect for you.

The Chromebook Asus C302 Deal

I've always been a fan of Chromebooks and especially the all-aluminium convertible Asus C302, mainly due to its build quality and features - all at an affordable price. Well, currently there is a deal on for the Chromebook Asus C302 that you might like.

Amazon UK has a sale on their Last Minute deals page which has the C302 (ASUS C302CA-GU010) listed for £399, that is a cool £100 off its regular price of £499. This device cannot be called "latest and greatest" in the tech world, as it is almost two years old now, but it does hold up well against the competition.

The Core m3 Skylake processor is still a capable processor for most students and business related tasks. It has to be noted that the processor in the Asus C302 has not received Linux App support and possibly will not ever. If Linux support is on your wish list then you might have to utilise the Crostini Project method to run apps, as can be seen here with Visual Studio Code seen running on Pixelbook via Crostini container.


Asus C302 Specifications

Spec wise you get a Chrome OS device that is Powered by Intel's 6th Generation Core M3 Processor, 1920 x 1080 Full HD 12.5" display, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. The battery life is rated at 10-hour battery life and in my previous tests it regularly went over the 8.5-hour mark - possibly bettering the Pixel Slate and Pixel book by an hour or two. Another important feature, for me at least, is a full backlit keyboard. All this is encased in an aluminium body weighing in at 1.2KG.

The deal is currently on and lasts only until December 21st - that if you want it in time for Christmas that is. If you're Interested in the deal, then click on the buy now link below:


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