Google Duo now working on all Chromebooks including Pixelbook and Pixel Slate

Dec 3, 2018

Google Duo, the companies video chat service, has been gradually increasing its presence on mobiles and tablets over the course of this year.  Now, the word is that ALL Chromebooks support Google Duo as well.

Over the last few months we have seen Google Duo support for Chromebooks being Introduced - the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2, HP Chromebook X2, and a few others being the first.


Now, according to Android Police, Google Duo support seems to be available for all Chromebooks. The Android focused website have tested out support for the Pixelbook, Acer Chromebook R13, ASUS C302, and ASUS C223.

Today, we have tested Google Duo support for the Pixel Slate and can report that it works well, other than some app resizing issues, but if you use it full screen then you should be fine. One thing to note is that Google's own Pixelbook did not support the video chat service when it was released, which seemed very odd indeed.

Google have created a support page for the Pixelbook outlining the steps to be taken to Install and run Duo from the Playstore. To make Installation work flawlessly (or close to as possible) it is best to Install Duo on a smartphone, associate your mobile number to your email address, and then continue the Installation on your Chromebook.

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