Google Pixel Slate inherits Bluetooth connection problem seen in Pixelbook

Dec 28, 2018

The Google Pixel Slate is an intriguing little device which we will be publishing our final review shortly. Before we do that, there is something that has been niggling us and apparently a lot of other users. The Pixel Slate has been suffering Bluetooth problems.


The Pixelbook suffered from Bluetooth connection drops from connected peripherals such as wireless headphones, headsets, speakers or even the Pixel Pen. Google has apparently been working on resolving and patching these for a while now.

Now, we have found many Pixel Slate users who are complaining about a Bluetooth problem that we first saw in the Pixelbook. Bluetooth switches off and the user is unable to switch it back on - the option is greyed out. We are disappointed to see this problem being inherited by the Pixel Slate. Many users, according to Google's online forums, returned the Pixelbook just because of this Bluetooth problem.

You can see this problem from the picture below:

How to Fix the Pixel Slate Bluetooth problem?

Google will be looking at resolving this issue - Hopefully. But, there is no real fix to resolve this at the moment. The only thing that seems to work is if the user restarts the device a number of times - usually between two to three and then by magic it comes back to life.

Rival competing devices like the iPad Pro tend to have solid Bluetooth performance, although you are not able to connect to as many devices as one would like. Google has to up their game in this department if they want to become a serious competitor to the iPads and the Surfaces of this world.

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