Samsung Blockchain Phone could be on its way with Integrated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Dec 11, 2018

According to a recently filed Trademark, Samsung could have plans to Introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain for its range of Galaxy devices and phones. Three trademark applications outline plans for the tech giant to Integrate blockchain and cryptocurrency directly into its mobiles, and therefore creating a Samsung blockchain phone.




Samsung blockchain phone trademarks

In the European Union, as spotted by the Galaxy Club, Samsung wants to trademark Blockchain KeyStore ( PDF ), Blockchain key box ( PDF ) and Blockchain Core ( PDF ). All these point to their use of Blockchain with a phone as they apply to: ‘Smartphones; Software applications for use with mobile devices; Computer software platforms; Application software.‘

The use of any technology that has a KeyStore, which normally securely stores cryptocurrency and blockchain encryption keys, would obviously Integrate deeply within a device and Samsung could make use of Its KNOX technology to add the required security. The decryption and the encryption of private keys are fundamental to keeping your assets safe on a mobile device.

Other players in the blockchain phone game are HTC and Sirin Labs. Sirin Labs’ blockchain smartphone Finney has recently gone on sale. At the moment we are still waiting for the appearance of the HTC Exodus.

Blockchain technology is seen as a game changer for our technological world and the use of it on a mobile device can open many many possibilities, but security is at the heart of its use and wider acceptance and this is where Samsung could be ideally placed with its KNOX and Nexledger technologies.


There are no firm details to go by at the moment other than the Trademarks and these do not go into the finer points as patents do. We do not expect Samsung to reveal much of this tech in the short term and hope they put some good R&D expenditure towards it. Keep following, we will keep you up to date with the latest developments.

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