Samsung adding Google Assistant to their 2019 Tizen TV Models

Dec 28, 2018

Google and Amazon are doing well in the voice assistant market, by respectively integrating their Assistant and Alexa services into all sorts of devices. TVs, smart speakers, home appliances and more. Lacking behind is Samsung, integrating their Bixby voice assistant into their TVs but its usage is very limited. It can control playback... That's it.

Google Assistant to come to Samsung TVs

So now, to perhaps fix this issue: Teaming up is Samsung and Google to potentially bring Google Assistant to Samsung's 2019 line up of . There's no news whether the smart assistant will make it onto the older versions of Samsung's TVs. But, it is highly unlikely as the South Korean company already has plans to add Bixby to them. After integrating the assistant, we would expect it to have the same qualities as LG TVs. You can access things like a report about the weather and the consumers' calendar. Some say that Google Assistant could potentially control smart devices within the house. But we feel Samsung would most prioritise SmartThings to do those humble tasks.

When will this be officially announced?

The company might announce it as soon as early next month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas when they will unveil next years models of TVs. Other improvements that Samsung is striving to achieve is opening up to Bixby development to third-party developers. By doing so, Samsung is offering developers more flexibility. A well as that, the company is expected to achieve better sound quality for next years' models. This could mimic Apple's HomePod way of tuning the music to the environment into the TVs. Specifically the high-end sets. Another improvement would be to further build out their TV Plus service, which offers streaming channels. These types of services have seen particular good growth in 2018.

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