LG smart TVs running webOS can now be rooted

Jan 16, 2019

Our "smart life" tech can be a bit restrictive at times. If you want to get a bit more out of it you can sometimes find a way to "root" or "jailbreak". Usually when talking about these things we tend to refer to smartphones, tablets, or even a set-top box. Well, now you can root LG Smart TVs running the WebOS Linux-based operating system.

WebOS, a OS that was originally developed by Palm in 2009, is an operating system that LG uses in its consumer electronics portofolio - such as Smart TVs, refrigerators, and projectors.

Now, an XDA Retired Developer, by the name of Maroc-OS, has released a software tool called GetMeIn. The purpose of this tool is that it lets you root LG smart TVs that are running webOS. One of the caveats its that the WebOS software version has to be 3.5 or lower.

In order for the rooting/jailbreaking process to begin on your WebOS based LG smart TV, so you can have admin access, you need to upload a program to your TV. The app is named GetMeIn and once it has been uploaded you need to run a couple of commands via the prisoner user.

IoT Gadgets has a fair amount of Samsung Smart TV Tizen followers who would love to do the same. Sorry to inform you guys but the Tizen OS, in Samsung Smart TVs, is fairly well bolted down and you won't be able to get root access. Now or the near future. Sorry.

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