Samsung Gear S3 gets massive software update to Tizen 4.0. S Health and other Improvements

Jan 21, 2019

Today, The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch has received a MASSIVE software update to Tizen 4.0. This is a firmware upgrade that many users have been waiting for, with hopes of better battery life and features. This update also helps them keep up with the competition - In this case the Galaxy Watch. We have Installed the update and seen the features, now wait to see how battery life holds out.

Gear S3 Finally gets Tizen 4.0

The Gear S3 firmware version in now on R760XXU2DSA1 / R7600XA2DSA1 and Tizen This is a 299.83MB download so best to have WiFi switched on on your mobile. There have been Improvements to S-Health (Samsung Health if you prefer), with more Indoor workouts and the feature of back-to-back workouts. Many serious fitness users have been waiting for this one.

The Samsung Health widget can now provide you sleep stages information. Two advanced sleep modes have been added to keep user from disturbance during specific time and place. These can be toggled from the quick menu. One thing that used to annoy me is that you were unable to navigate to a different screen once on a call. Well, Samsung have now fixed that so you can browse to where you want.

Messages gets the ability to show MMS images, save draft messages, faster replies, and the support of over 1,000 emojis (I didn't know there were that many emotions). The music lovers amongst us will appreciate the ability of now being able to select a different music play source directly from the Watch instead of using a phone.

Manually update your Gear S3

This update is only available in the US at the moment, but will be gradually rolling out ot other regions/countries in the coming days/weeks. You should be an automatic notification for the update. In case you don't, you can manually check be launching the Galaxy Wearable App -> About Watch -> Update Watch Software -> Update now.

Thank you Gino for the letting us know 🙂

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