Tizen Studio 3.1 released, drops support for 32 bit Windows and Ubuntu

Tizen Studio, the all-in-one solution for Tizen app development has been updated to version 3.1. The latest version doesn’t bring much changes in the functionality or features, but it fixes a number of bugs from previous releases. Also, the latest release ends support for 32 bit host for Windows and Ubuntu. Tizen Studio 3.0, with some key improvements, was released late in October last year.

Now supports OpenJDK 10

From wearable to IoT devices to Smart TVs and smartphones, Tizen Studio is the one-stop development environment (IDE) for all the Tizen based devices. It bundles the SDK (software development kit), emulator, sample code, documentation, and all other necessary tools in it. You can develop, build, debug, profile, and emulate Tizen native and Web applications. There are about 200 online sample applications available, and the library continues to grow.

Samsung is still the only OEM that works on Tizen OS on a large scale. The company’s smartwatches, Smart TVs, home appliances and the upcoming smart speakers are all Tizen based. The South Korean electronics giant even tried hands on Tizen smartphones but poor app ecosystem all but killed it.

However, Samsung continued to build Tizen for the other device category and has been pushing regular updates to the Tizen Studio. Version 3.0 brought some nifty improvements for SmartThings developers, as it included support for two process model for iot-5.0 profiles. TizenRT also got support for docker build, eliminating the need of installing separate libraries and toolchains.

Tizen Studio 3.1 now brings support for OpenJDK 10. In addition, it fixes bugs in Tizen IDE, Certficate manager, Device Manager and TizenRT. If you were not able to generate a new certificate profile after 01 January 2019, Tizen Studio 3.1 fixes that for you.

As always, there still exist some issues that Samsung is aware of. For instance, overwriting a duplicate certificate profile in the migration wizard works incorrectly on macOS. Samsung may fix some of these issues in subsequent release of Tizen Studio. For more details, you may read the release note.

Click here to download Tizen Studio 3.1.