YouTube for Samsung Galaxy Watch and Gear S3

Watching videos on a smartwatch may not be the best idea, but sometimes, having the ability helps. So, here's a list of some YouTube apps for your Samsung smartwatch.
Jan 2, 2019

Watching videos on a smartwatch may not be the best idea, but sometimes, having the ability helps. YouTube certainly is the go-to video streaming app for the majority of people. But unfortunately, the official YouTube app from Google is not present on Samsung smartwatches, including the new Galaxy Watch and Gear S3. But there are some workarounds to help you access the world's largest video library on your Samsung smartwatch.

Third party YouTube apps for Galaxy Watch

Unavailability of the official YouTube app in Galaxy Apps store for the Galaxy Watch means business for some elite third party developers. Many of them have created apps that let you access YouTube on the watch. Check out some of the best below. But remember, these are not official apps and may not work smoothly, or may show only limited number of videos.


Player4YouTube is one of the best and highest-rated third party YouTube app for Samsung smartwatches. It lets you search for videos and displays five results at a time. You can click on any video to start watching it.

Xenxou Player For YouTube

It is another free third party YouTube app for Tizen smartwatches. It has videos sorted in popular categories like movies, songs, funny videos and much more.

PYT (Player For YouTube)

This app is similar to Xenxou Player when it comes to video listing. In addition, the app is optimized for the circular screen of the Galaxy Watch. You can also search for videos in this app. However, the additional features do come at a price. It is available to buy at $1.99 from the Galaxy Apps store.

GearTube - Player For YouTube

Last but not the least, GearTube is another third party YouTube app that comes with optimized screen. It offers feature like Search, Categories and Favorites and comes with a price of $0.99.

While it's not known if and when Google will release the official YouTube app for Samsung smartwatches, these four apps should serve your purpose till then. Along with the Galaxy Watch, these apps should also work fine on the Gear S3 and the Gear Sport.

How do you like these apps? Tell us in the comments below.

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