Apple to launch its video streaming service in April

Apple’s long-rumored video streaming service may finally arrive this year. The company is targeting to launch the service in April.
Feb 14, 2019

Apple’s long-rumored video streaming service may finally arrive this year. The company is targeting to launch the service in April, or early May 2019. The new service will offer unique original content to Apple device owners for free. In addition, it will also have a number of existing streaming service channels. However, it seems to be missing some of the biggest names in the industry.

No Hulu, Netflix or HBO

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil its video streaming service sometime in March. The service will then be made available for Apple device owners in April, or early May. Along with original content from Apple, the service will also offer a "Channels" option which will allow access to other subscription based video streaming services.

Things sound pretty good till now. However, those "Channels" may not include the most popular ones from the industry. Reports are that none of Hulu, Netflix, or HBO, are expected to be part of Apple’s service. As of now, only Starz, CBS and Viacom appear to be on board.

It's unclear whether unavailability of Hulu, Netflix and HBO will have an impact on Apple's service. However, the fact that it will be competing against Amazon Prime Video is something to think upon. The latter allows access to HBO, though it don't offer access to Netflix and Hulu. HBO, meanwhile, is not willing to be a part of Apple's service because the company is not offering the same terms that Amazon has offered. Talks, though, are on and things may still change by the the time Apple launches its service.

Apple is said to be asking 30% of every subscription that takes place through its service. It is double the amount that it currently takes from the likes of HBO Now and Netflix for every subscription made through the App Store.

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