Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Fit E blood pressure features: 4 things to know

Learn 4 important facts about the blood pressure feature in the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E smartwatches / fitness trackers.
Feb 25, 2019

You need to get fitter - these are words that we all know, but find it hard to take heed of. What if you have high or low blood pressure and want a fitness wearable device to help you keep an eye on it? Well, Samsung have released the Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit / E smartwatches that are able to measure blood pressure.

Here are four things you need to know about these smartwatches:

Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Fit E Blood Pressure Models

The new additions to the Galaxy wearable line, the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Fit E are the only models, to date, to support the ability to take a blood pressure reading. Previous sports models, the Samsung Gear Sport and Gear Fit 2 smartwatches, do not have this functionality and will not be receiving it either. There is a hardware component that is required for this feature.

Galaxy Watch Active's My BP Lab App to launch March 15

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active surpasses the companies previous fitness wearables in terms of health and fitness capabilities. My BP Lab is an App that has been developed in partnership with UC San Francisco and is designed to track blood pressure whilst the user is wearing it on his wrist. Currently, the release date for the Galaxy Watch Active is late March.

Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit / e continuous heart-rate monitoring

The Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit both are fitted with optical heart rate sensors. These have been designed to be able to perform continuous heart-rate monitoring and give the user continuous feedback. The fitness wearables also have the ability to calculate calories expended whilst the user is exercising. Both of these features are what many end users have been asking for from their fitness tech.

Galaxy Watch Active Available to pre-order

The Galaxy Watch Active is available for preorder now, with a shipping date of late March 2019. There is no news on the release date that the Galaxy Fit / e goes on sale.

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