Google Duo is now accessible on the web

Wait is over as Google Duo for web has been unofficially released. Compatible with Chrome, Safari, and firefox browser. Standard non G Suite user accounts.
Feb 28, 2019

We have previously reported on Google Duo support on Chromebooks. Many Duo advocates of Google's video app did feel a little left out and hoped that they too could access it in much the same way. Well, the good news is that Google Duo is now accessible on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

At the moment, It seems that end users are having mixed experiences of using Google Duo for web in their chosen browser. On the whole, it seems Google Chrome users are having a better user experience and fewer bugs and problems than other browsers. Google Chrome OS users are having the best experience. For the time being it is only non-G Suite accounts that have this access. We presume G Suite users will be granted access to Google Duo after all relevant testing has been carried out by Google.

Google Duo for Web

The Interface on the web is nothing much to look at. You have a list of a few recent contacts listed at the top. Below that, you have your full list of all contacts from your Google Contacts list. Note, the only contacts that will show up are the ones that have signed into Google Duo at some point. One bit of functionality that is included at launch, is the ability to have browser notifications for incoming calls. Excellent!

In order for you to use Google Duo, you first need to make sure your browser supports it. Seconds thing is that your Google user account is a standard non-G Suite account. Head on over to and you should be greeted with the new User Interface.

Google duo for web has not been officially announced yet. The official announcement and possibly more performance improvements and tweaks are most likely also on the way.

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