LG V50 ThinQ shows of its Dual Screen phone

LG has shown off its dual screen phone - the LG V50. This devices does not compete with Samsung or Huawei as it uses a Folio case for the secondary screen.
Feb 27, 2019

It seems like foldable phones are all the rage. Samsung officially unveiled their foldable offering, closely followed by Huawei. Now, its the turn of LG, but it is not a foldable phone like the competition. No, LG does not feel that they need to challenge other hardware manufacturers on that front. Instead, LG are going for a dual screen option. LG V50 ThinQ sports a Snapdragon 855 processor, and a ....... complete second screen.

This LG 5G phone does not actually ship with a dual screen onboard. It comes courtesy of a folio case that contains the second OLED screen in it. The Folio case clips onto the phone via some pogo pins (for power) and BANG, you get two screens! Both displays are not the same size through - the inbuilt screen is 6.4-inch, however, the secondary panel is a 6.2-inch display. There is also a visual quality difference to both as well. The tint seems a bit "off".

Its all about price and how big the device is. The Folio case does not add too much "bulk" to the phone, keeping it quite pockable. Can you also say that Samsung and Huawei? In order to communicate with the secondary screen, LG is employing a proprietary Wi-Fi chipset that utilises short-range and high-bandwidth communication. In practice, there does not seem to be any lag between the native and the off-board screen. Well done LG!

As mentioned earlier, the Pogo pins on the back of the V50 are used to power the auxiliary display from the phone’s battery. way there was no need to add an additional battery within the Folio case. This would of added bulk which LG was trying to avoid!

There does seem to be some bugs in the split UI, which LG will obviously be trying to resolve as soon as possible. I wish them luck on that front. Oh, and some more bad news for a potential US V50 customers, the Dual Screen option won’t be offered in the American market.

The price for the LG Dual Screen and availability has not been disclosed for now. But rest assured it will be much much cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X .

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