MobileHelp emergency medical solutions coming to Samsung Galaxy Watch

MobileHelp, a maker of home and wearable medical alert devices, will soon be launching its wearable emergency response portfolio on Samsung Galaxy Watch.
Feb 15, 2019

MobileHelp, a maker of home and wearable medical alert devices, will soon be launching its wearable emergency response portfolio on Samsung Galaxy Watch. The company is a leader in mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) and healthcare technology in America.

Samsung and MobileHelp had announced their collaboration during the Consumer Electronic Show 2018. The platform is already available on Samsung Gear S3. In addition to Samsung smartwatches, MobileHelp is also planning to integrate its solutions in more similar devices.

MobileHelp Smart for Samsung Galaxy Watch

MobileHelp Smart is basically a modified version of Samsung's smartwatches. It comes integrated with MobileHelp’s medical emergency alert platform. The device allows the user to take advantage of Samsung Health fitness-monitoring features. Furthermore, the modified device also comes with an enhanced battery life to minimize device charging, so that it stays on the wrist most of the time.

During emergency, when a wearer presses the help button on the watch’s interface, trained operators receive the call for assistance and know who the user is. The watch's GPS and cell capabilities allows them to know the user's location and contact them. They will then determine the scope of the emergency and provide the right level of response.

MobileHelp primarily provides its medical alert solutions to senior citizens. The company is now aiming to expand its reach to a broader set of audiences. Patients with chronic illnesses could also benefit from its emergency medical alert solutions, MobileHelp believes.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Watch itself, it comes in two sizes - 42mm and 46mm - and three color options - Silver, Midnight Black and Rose Gold. The watch is compatible with both Android (5.0 or later) and iOS (9.0 or later) smartphones. You can read more about the Samsung Galaxy Watch here.

MobileHelp Smart on Galaxy Watch will be available late in Q2 2019. There's no word on its pricing yet. The Gear S3 variant of MobileHelp Smart, meanwhile, is priced at $350.

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