Top 20 Best Tizen Apps for January 2019

Here is your monthly round up of the Top 20 downloaded Tizen smartphone apps and games. This is for January 2019 downloaded from the TIzen Store.
Feb 18, 2019

January saw quite a few new Tizen games to hit the Top 20 most popular downloaded list. Unfortunately, we didn't see any new Tizen smartphone apps in this Tizen Store list. WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger still enjoy the top 3 positions respectively. I don't think anything will shake them off that pedestal now.

New Tizen games in the Top 20 January 2019

As I said earlier there are quite a few new games in the Top 20. Top of the games list we have Bounce Classic, as the name implies, is a classic bounce game that relies on physics. You need to avoid the spikes and thorns and jump through the hoops in order to earn points. It has the original 11 bounce levels as well as 5 new custom ones. Ghost Moto simulator is a role play game, where you need to balance your bike and dodge unexpected hurdles. Another new entry at number 11 is the classic Snakes and Ladders game. Initially you have one board to play on with a choice of 8 characters. The idea is to earn stars as you go.

Combat duty modern strike FPS is probably the biggest name to make a reappearance in the Top 20. This is an Intense 3D first person action shooter and undoubtedly one of the best games on the Tizen smartphone platform. Other new games are Dogfight Elite and Real car parking which we won't cover in much detail.


The state of the Tizen Store

We still do not have any big named Tizen apps coming to the Tizen Store. The contributions are still quite mediocre on the whole from Game development and Indie App Developers. There is still literally no BIG named apps or games to go live on the Tizen Store. Below is a list of this months Tizen Apps/Games:

1 WhatsApp 2 Facebook
3 FaceBook Messenger 4 Bounce Classic
5 Ghost Moto Simulator Death Ride 6 Snakes Ladder 2017
7 Dogfight Elite 8 Hancom Office Viewer
9 Opera Min web browser 10 Real Car Parking
11 Temple Run 2 12 HERE Maps
13 Xender 14 Downloader For YouTube
15 Instagram 16 Calendar
17 Hill Driver 18 Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS
19 Smart Tutor 20 Railway Run

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