Almost 1 Terabyte per second Transfer Speed for New MicroSD Express format

Fast transfer access and transfer speeds with new format microSD express - Available in microSDHC Express, microSDXC Express, and microSDUC Express cards.
Mar 4, 2019

The SD Association Introduced a new microSD Express format at MWC 2019, which boasts some amazing transfer speeds. If you're like me, and you love large SSD storage, you will also understand how unbelievably long current formats take to transfer data.

The new format will allow mobile devices to create and access media at much faster speeds, as well as the faster transfer speeds. How much faster? Well, how does 985 megabytes per second (MB/s) sound? Almost 1TB/s. Wow - I know!

Another benefit the format will bring is consuming less energy. Depending on your actual usage this might or might not make a huge difference to your daily battery life. This new format will have a similar naming format as the current microSD range but with the word "express" bolted on the end ie. microSDHC Express, microSDXC Express, and a new, onemicroSDUC Express.

Much like SD Express, microSD Express connects with the PCIe interface, enabling that delicious maximum data transfer rate of 985 megabytes per second (MB/s). Technically this is possible through the use of the PCIe 3.1 and NVMe v1.3 specifications.

One of the reasons people opted for larger In-built storage on their devices was faster access and faster transfer speeds. With this new format, consumers are given an extra few reasons to opt for external microSD express formats.

Hopefully, hardware manufacturers will adopted this new format soon for their future devices. Whilst we wait for that to happen, the good news is that the cards are backward compatible with existing devices.

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