Galaxy Wearable App receives Samsung's One UI

The Galaxy Wearable App gets an update with the Samsung One UI. We get the lovely dark theme with orange accent and navigation bar is at tthe bottom.
Mar 9, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Wearable App has received an update. Now, wearable users can experience the One UI design when using the app to connect and configure their smartwatch. The latest version is and you can download it either from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. When you launch the app it should automatically tell you there is an update and proceed to download. Good little App!

Updates for this App have slowed down in recent times. It was last updated in February, when Samsung inadvertently gave away the names of their upcoming wearables like the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit / Fit e and Galaxy Buds.

Samsung's Galaxy Wearable One UI

Samsung's One UI gives the Wearable App a lovely dark interface that fits in with Google's new OS theme in Android Pie and matches my Macs Mojave theme. The Android app has an Orange accent that makes it look familiar. As with other One UI applications the navigation bar for 'Home, Watch faces, Discover' has been moved to the bottom. This makes it easier to access, especially on big screen phones - I've got a Note 9! Nothing else really seems new and Samsung have not included any Information in the changelog, not even the implementation of the dark theme.

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If you prefer to download the APK file, then you can download it from APK Mirror here.

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