Get started with your new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active with these five things

If you've just got the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and aren't sure how to begin, here's a little guide to help you get started.
Mar 25, 2019

Samsung launched the fitness-focused Galaxy Watch Active last month. It is a very lightweight device that sits pretty flat on your wrist. And while the design is totally different from what we've been seeing from Samsung so far, its working is pretty much similar to its predecessors. However, if you've just got the watch, and aren't sure how to begin, here's a little guide to help you get started.

To get the best out of your new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, you should start with these five things.

Sync with the Galaxy Wearable app

Samsung has a companion app for its Galaxy/Gear wearables. The app gives you complete control over your new wearable, from changing watch faces to updating software. And obviously, once you sync your watch with the app, you get your phone notifications right on your wrist. So, get going straightaway. Download the Galaxy Wearable app (Samsung Galaxy Watch for iOS) on your smartphone now.


To sync your new Samsung watch, just launch open the app and you'll be automatically prompted to connect a new device. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your watch. Now select your device and confirm the Bluetooth pairing. As simple as that.

Set a watch face

One of the many great things about a smartwatch is the ability to customize the watch face. You can set your own choice of watch face and customize it to your preference. To set a watch face, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the Watch Faces tab. Now select a watch face of your choice. Tap the customize button if you want to change the colors, and save it.

The Galaxy Watch Active comes pre-loaded with a few watch faces. However, you can also download more from the Galaxy Store.

Setup notifications preferences

While we all cherish the smartwatches' ability to push your smartphone notifications to your wrist, they may sometime feel to chaotic. Not every notification from your phone may be worth seeing on the watch. Thankfully, you can easily decide which apps will push notifications to your Galaxy Watch Active, and which won't.

Just open the Galaxy Wearable app, go to Menu, and then to Notifications. Now toggle off the apps you don't want to buzz your wrist.

Setup Good Night Mode

A good night's sleep is something not to be compromised on. And your new Samsung watch won't disturb you at night, thanks to this new feature by Samsung. The Good Night Mode completely mutes your watch and shuts the notifications.

To turn it on, open the Galaxy Wearable app, go to Advanced settings, and toggle on the Good Night Mode.

Setup Samsung Pay

Last, but not the least you should do to get started with your new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is setup Samsung Pay. You watch comes with NFC capabilities for contactless payment via Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay on Samsung Gear S3.

To setup Samsung Pay on your watch, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone. Now go to Apps section and search for Samsung Pay and tap install. It'll install the Samsung Pay plugin and launch it. Now follow the instructions, add cards, and you're ready to make wireless payments with your watch.

This is obviously not all you can do with your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. You can, for instance, control your Nest Thermostat with it. There's a lot more your watch can do. Watch this space for more about it. In the meantime, these apps should help you get more out of your watch.

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