Roku has announced that its devices will now be compatible with Alexa. This new addition gives Roku owners more flexibility in how they control their devices and consume their entertainment. Roku devices, such as Roku streaming player and TV, already support Google Assistant.

Alexa is available to devices running Roku OS 8.1 or higher in the US. The Roku app will work with any Alexa-enabled device, be it an Amazon made like Echo Show, or a third-party device like Bose Smart Speakers.

Roku releases a new skill for Alexa

Earlier this week, Roku, through a blog post, announced that it has released a new skill for Alexa. With this new skill, Roku owners will be able to control their devices through voice commands using Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Plus, Bose Smart Speakers, and many more.

Alexa can do things like launch a channel, play or pause a show, search for entertainment options and more. Additionally, Roku TV owners will also be able to control functions like adjusting the volume, turning on and off the TV and switching inputs. If you have an HDTV antenna connected to your Roku TV, Alexa can even change channels for you.

To enjoy the new functionality, you first need to enable the new skill on your Roku device. Doing so will link your Roku account to Amazon, allowing Alexa to seamlessly interact with your Roku device.

By supporting both Alexa and Google Assistant, Roku is making its ecosystem a little bit more open. However, it needs you to already own an Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device. Roku is yet to built support for either platform into its own remote controls. They can only run the company’s proprietary voice control system, which still needs a lot of refinement. Nonetheless, good going Roku!