Samsung is no stranger to patents, like many other tech companies. One of their latest patents, that refers to a future Samsung Galaxy Watch device, allows you to control home devices. The innovative feature is that you can use wrist gestures instead of pressing a button or rotating a dial. You could, for instance, activate the washing machine, change the volume on the TV, change the temperature on the Air conditioner, and many more. This is all achieved through gestures.

The patent does specifically outline this use for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the use of hand gestures, but other applications can also implement this technology. You could use other future wearable devices such as a smart ring, smart glove, smart bracelet or smart apparel such as a jacket.

You can see from the above Samsung’s patent FIG. 4 how the logic is implemented. Below that we have FIG. 19A that shows the Galaxy Watch receiving a trigger signal. This was initiated by Galaxy Watch gestures using your hand. The signal is then transmitted to and actioned by the television. FIG. 19B shows another hand command that changes the television channel for the user.