Top 20 Best Tizen Apps for February 2019

Where is the time going? February 2019 has gone and its time to check out the Top 20 most downloaded Apps and Games in the Tizen Store.
Mar 12, 2019

Here is our monthly roundup of Tizen Apps for your smartphone. Obviously, it needs to be a Tizen phone in order to be able to download these from the Tizen store. This list is the most downloaded apps or games during February 2019 as of the published date of 7 March 2019. These are for the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4 mobiles.

New Apps and Games in the Tizen Store

There are a number of new entries in the list. A couple of photo editing apps - Best Photo Frame and Photo Editor Super Filters Effects. The first app allows you to add some graphics to your picture, whilst the latter allows you to adjust Filters, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Noise, Vignette, Effect, RGB, Rotation, Flip, and Restore. The only other new entries are games. Fighting Club 3D, as the name suggests, you fight opponents and its all 3D! The other game is Plants vs. Zombies. Lots of plants and lots of Zombies and they all fight it out.

The Usual Suspects are here

The rest of the usual suspects are present in the Tizen Store with WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger being the unshakable trio. Other old members of the Top 20 club are Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS, Temple Run 2, Opera Mini Browser, Here Maps, Instagram, Hancom Office Viewer, and others. The complete list is below.

1. WhatsApp Messenger 2. Facebook
3. Facebook Messenger 4. Fighting Club 3D
5. Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS 6. Hancom Office Viewer
7. Temple Run 2 8. Opera Mini Browser
9. Xender 10. Here Maps
11. Best Photo Frame 12. Downloader for YouTube
13. Instagram 14. Photo Editor Super Filter - Effects
15. Bounce Classic 16. Plants vs. Zombies
17. Smart Tutor 18. Hill Driver
19. Snakes Ladder 2017 20. Calendar

Nothing really new

No really BIG names have made an appearance once again. Do you know of any new Tizen Apps on the horizon? Let us know at [email protected].

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