Apple Watch saves a man's life, again!

As per a post shared by a Reddit user, his Apple Watch saved his life. It appears that the hear-rate monitor warned him right before things went "nuts".
Apr 9, 2019

Apple Watch has saved one more life. As per a post shared by a Reddit user ClockworkWXVII, his Apple Watch saved his life, and quite literally. It appears that the hear-rate monitor of his watch warned him right before things went "nuts".

"I was laying in bed, enjoying some TV and homemade brisket, when my Apple Watch told me that my heart rate was weird af, and then, told me my heart rate was stupid fast (thank you heart rate alerts).

Called ER, when they arrived, they found me in serious trouble. Body went into shock, got rushed to the hospital in a stretcher, and got taken into trauma.

I felt totally fine before everything happened, and then notifications, and then BAM, everything goes nuts. 100% thank you apple for making an amazing accessory and tool that helps people stay not dead."

Apple Watch's ECG at it again

The Apple Watch Series 4 in the US comes with the FDA-approved ECG sensor capable of detecting irregular heart rhythm, and notifying users of it. The feature has already saved multiple lives, and has done it again.

As the Reddit post explained, the watch's ECG detected an issue with his heart rate and notified him. He was quick to call the ER before it got too late. Upon waking up, he found himself in a hospital bed. He was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, a heart condition in which the electrical signals in the organ's upper chambers misfire and cause the heart rate to speed up.

Clearly, the Apple Watch saved his life here, because he wasn't feeling a thing before all this happened. If it wasn't for that heart-rate notification from his Apple Watch, he couldn't have called the ER in time. And things could have gone wayward.

The latest Apple Watch is emerging as a revolutionary mobile gadget by saving the lives of so many individuals. It may not be too far before doctors start recommending the device to their patients.

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