A new outage affecting Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp - down worldwide

Reports are in that popular social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, are all experiencing problems/issues.
Apr 14, 2019

Reports are coming in of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp users experiencing major problems worldwide. Facebook services and servers are having technical issues in Europe, Malaysia and some parts of the US. Update: Asia is increasingly being hit.

Popular website, that is used by users to log potential website problems, has been inundated with complaints about all three social networks - Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger has also not been exempt from the outage.

Facebook services are down

The issue started earlier today, around 06:30 AM ET, with thousands of users complaining that they could not login. Some Facebook users were not even able to bring up the login page itself. WhatsApp users are unable to send or receive any messages.

It has only been a month since Facebook's last problems. Most of the people have gone to rival social network Twitter to vent their anger. There has not been any statement from Facebook regarding these issues or any potential time frame that normal service will resume.

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