Samsung foldable phone already breaking to pieces

Its not long since the Samsung foldable phone made its way into the hands of reviewers and already there are issues/problems with the screen and it breaking
Apr 18, 2019

Samsung's much awaited foldable phone has received a lot of hype since it's announcement in February this year. As Samsung have been sceptically possessive of the phone's details. People have not been able to even touch the device until this week. When the reviewers and bloggers got their hands on the much anticipated phone, they all voiced serious problems with the device after a very, very short time.

Samsung foldable phone screen issues

To start off the list of problems with the phone, we have an issue with the polymer layer/coating as many users have thought it was a peel-off layer. When they did take the polymer layer off, users have said that the phone had eventually completely died. Albeit one side of it. People have done this even though the Galaxy Fold's box has stated that the coating is not to be taken off.

But, others have stated that they did not have the warning on the plastic wrapping. It seems like the European models have the warning whereas the American models don't have the warning. Are the Americans more tech-savvy than the Europeans? Another question for another time I think.

The crease can be the problem

Another issue is that people are complaining of is a crease where the phone folds. (This is to be expected according to Samsung.) The South Korean manufacturer claims that the phone can fold up to 200,000 times before showing signs of wear and tear, but from the reviewer's complaints, we can see that the number is closer to 10,000. As well as that, the phone has actually broken along the crease. OMG! According to Steve Kovach, after one day of him using the phone, it broke along the crease and the screen started flickering on and off constantly after the pixels in the folding area went completely black. May it rest in peace...

Thirdly, we have a complaint of debris getting under the screen. Dieter Bohn had a piece of debris make its way under the screen (some say it may have been through the hinge of the phone.) The debris created an unsightly bulge on the screen which pressed against the display enough to kill it. A few horizontal and vertical pixels around the crime scene had stopped working.

No news from Samsung on the foldable phone

So far, Samsung have not commented on any issues before shipping them to the reviewers or now where the public is becoming restless as there are so many issues with the phone so close to the release date. In my opinion, I don't think that Samsung will be able to fix these issues before April 26th (release date) so they'd have to severely push it back. Lets see what happens!

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