Top 20 Best Tizen Apps for March 2019

March has come to end and therefore we can give you are rundown of the most downloaded Tizen Apps and Games from the Tizen Store March 2019.
Apr 9, 2019

March 2019 has come and gone. We can now report on the status of the Tizen Store and the most downloaded games and Apps for your Tizen mobile. We have quite a few new games to add to the list, 5 in total, and one new utility.

Top two spots are still with WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook. Death itself can't separate these guys from the Store. The rest of the story is pretty much the same: Facebook Messenger, Hancom Office Viewer, Opera Web Browser, Xender, Instagram etc.


New Games in the Tizen Store March Top 20

A new entry to the Top 20 is Zombie3 FPS by cedric larouziere. This first-person shooter (FPS) game claims to be the best in the Tizen Store. The story is that the year is 2039 and a cod virus was developed to kill some humans to reduce the population on Earth. You get 25 weapons to kill zombies and try to find the vaccine. The game developer promises that a Multiplayer version will be available soon.

Crazy Auto Traffic Racer by Games2Win. If you want to ride a rickshaw, then here you go! Fly past obstacles, manholes and try avoiding pedestrians that might wander into your path. Next up is RUN RUN 3D 2 by Timuz Solutions - A 3D running game that involves water, power-ups, and more. At number 11 we have Drive to date, another game by Games2Win. You get to meet people. Wear different suits. Hmmmm. Not sure what else.

Grand Gangster Crime Auto 3D by HGames-ArtWorks s.r.o. just about made it onto the ladder at position 20. This is a "city simulator" where you get to drive a car or a motorbike, the choice is yours. Then you go around, shooting people, the usual fun.


New utility in the Tizen Store March Top 20

Downloader for Movies by Somyac Slawomir Baranowski has made its first appearance in the Top 20. This little app allows you to download movies from Facebook. You are able to save clips for your offline viewing pleasure.

Check out below for the full list:

1. WhatsApp Messenger 2. Facebook
3. Zombie3 FPS 4. Facebook Messenger
5. Crazy Auto Traffic Racer 6. Hancom Office Viewer
7. Opera Mini Browser 8. Temple Run 2
9. Combat Duty Modern Strike FPS 10. Run Run 3D
11. Drive to Date 12. Here Maps
13. Xender  14. Instagram 
15. Smart Tutor  16. Downloader For Movies
17. Hill Driver  18. Downloader for YouTube 
19. School of Driving  20. Grand Gangster Crime Auto 3D

All the above apps and games are supported on the Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, and Z4 smartphones.

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