Update: Users are reporting that the problem has now been resolved.

Users are currently experiencing problems of not being able to access the Samsung Galaxy Wearable App. When they try logging into the App they are welcomed by a white screen and are unable to do anything further. The Galaxy Wearable App is used to modify settings on the Samsung Smartwatch and also to download and update Apps. This issue has been ongoing during the last few days.

Reports of the issue have been posted at the Samsung Community forums and also at the Galaxy Watch Facebook Group. It seems the issue is only occurring with users that are new to signing into the App. Anyone logging into the Wearable App with a Samsung device before 18th April should be ok. Update: It seems no one is safe as users who have previously logged in are also having issues with the white screen.

No Galaxy Wearable White Screen Fix

Users have tried restarting and resetting their smartwatch and smartphone, uninstalling and reinstalling the Galaxy Wearable App, but without any luck. This is a global problem that is affecting many different manufacturers of phones literally across the globe.

Samsung have confirmed they are looking into the white screen issue, but that isn’t going down well with anyone that has bought a Samsung smartwatch. They are unable to configure it or pair it with their Smartphone. You need to complete the configuration process in order to make use of your new watch.

It is hoped that an App update will resolve the issue. Keep following IoT Gadgets for updates to this problem.