Alexa Guard releasing soon for all Echo owners in the US

Alexa Guard allows you to add home security features through any Alexa-enabled device, especially Echo smart speakers. Feature is now rolling out in the US.
May 17, 2019

Amazon’s Alexa Guard feature is currently rolling out in the US. Initially, this offering was available to end users as an invite-only preview. Amazon gauged user feedback and presumably implemented it and now the free update has been released.

What is Alexa Guard?

Alexa Guard allows you to add home security features through any Alexa-enabled device. One important device that makes use of this feature is the line of Echo smart speakers. This is how it works. The Echo speaker listens out for warning sounds, for instance, this might be glass breaking, a smoke or carbon dioxide alarm being triggered. These will all come into play when the security system is triggered and knows you are no longer at home.

The system can send you sound clips in order for you to evaluate what the noise at home was. Someone breaking in or just your cat playing havoc with your home? You can then take appropriate action. If the echo device in question has a built-in camera, then a LIVE video feed will be shown.

Another great feature that Alexa Guard brings is the ability to mimic your daily smart light usage. No need to ask your neighbours to pop round and switch your lights on and off, creating the illusion of occupancy.

According to Amazon, Alexa Guard wasn't created in an effort to replace your existing alarm system. This is more of a complementary measure. For instance, there is no feature for the service to alert the authorities to any situation. Something that some people consider a deal breaker.

You will be notified about the update in your Alexa App. In order to use the feature, you need to enable it. Launch the App, go to settings, select “Guard,” then follow the relevant instructions. Once enabled in the app, you need to use the phrase “Alexa, I’m leaving” each time you want to activate Guard mode.

The feature is currently rolling out in the US and the will spread to the rest of the world in the near future.

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