Apple foldable phone granted Patent for iDevices

Apple have recently applied and was granted a patent for their own foldable phone that we can possibly expect to come to us in 2020.
May 31, 2019

After Samsung's tiny fail with its foldable device, Apple has been granted a patent for its very own Apple foldable phone. This device concept has been getting hype quite rapidly as it's the next iteration in mobile/tablet technology.

From the diagrams of the phone, we can see that Apple is experimenting with many ways to fold the device. The patent they have filed for earlier includes many diagrams of the device. All of the images seem to reflect all possible ways the phone could work/fold. But, the recent application is for a design where Apple's foldable phone folds in on itself (much like the Galaxy Fold.)

Some of the older diagrams look more like Samsung's foldable idea: where you take two parts of a phone and hinge them together. Whereas other designs look more complicated as there are three parts to the device or even two foldable regions. Meaning, the device's display wraps around the outside of itself.

To have the device have the right flexibility and strength, Apple really needs to choose their materials well. In the patent, the device has a protective layer and a protective cover layer on top. The protective layer is reported to be made of a ceramic material. Ceramic materials are materials that are brittle and hard but weak in tension. This could be glass, sapphire or zirconia.

Apple has also been reportedly granted a second patent for a Smart Keyboard Folio. Finally, iPad users will be able to use a trackpad with their tablets, as well as a keyboard combo.

There are also rumours that the Apple foldable phone can be expected to have its first release in 2020. Not too long until then!

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