Concensum announces the world's first blockchain-based copyright register for digital photography and images

Concensum, the world's first global copyright register for digital assets, has announced a blockchain-based registry for photography and image copyrights.
May 9, 2019

Concensum, the world's first global copyright register for digital assets, has announced the first blockchain-based registry for photography and image copyrights. The Concensum Register is live now and available to all copyright owners to protect their digital photos and images. It is a free-to-use platform.

Protecting digital assets made easy

Protecting digital assets, especially photos and images, is a difficult task. Since metadata is routinely stripped by websites, search engines, and social media platforms, one can’t easily prove the ownership of the content. Hence, people use images online without paying any compensation to the owners, as they don’t know who owns them, or claim to not know. Concensum plans to put an end to this commonly-employed defense with its blockchain technology.

To register an image with the Concensum Global Copyright Register, owners will have to go through a video identification procedure for authentication. Once images are registered, Concensum provides the user with a certificate for each image. The certificate can be validated online with Concensum’s validation process and used to track their digital content. The validation process contains three levels.

Level one is a fast level where certificate is validated just with the 16-digit registration number. In second level, the certificate goes through a detailed check to verify every single piece of information in it. The third level, manual, allows the user to customize validation information. This level provides the user with a detailed documentation on how to validate the certificate without using Concensum’s services.

Concensum's blockchain can also be used by third parties to create registers for digital music, videos, and other contents. Concensum recently participated in the University of Applied Sciences' “Blockchain Summit” in Berlin, and collaborated on case studies. It now aims to support worry-free online use of digital images by providing "secure licensing, licensing history, and seamless monetization."

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