Fit-e Already Listed on Samsung's Albanian Website

The Samsung Fit-e is the new fitness band that comes at a low price. The band is already listed on Samsungs Albanian site where you can see its picture.
May 8, 2019

During Samsung's Unpacked event they announced several devices, that also included the Galaxy S10 trio, the Galaxy Watch Active as well as the fitness bands with them (the Galaxy Fit and Fit-e.) The Fit-e is an entry-level fitness band that has no smartwatch features and comes with a low price to customers.

According to a report form Android Pit, the fitness tracker will be received by the United States on May 21st for a retail price of $35. The fitness band has not yet been released to anyone yet but is listed on Samsung's Albanian site. From there we can only see a picture of the watch and the colours it'll come in (white, black and yellow.)

The Fit-e (from what we can tell so far) is able to track your workouts, heart rate, step count and may be able to perform sleep tracking as well. The watch has a 70mAh battery and is able to last for about 6 to 7 days with regular use. The watch has a 0.74-inch monochrome POLED display that can show incoming calls and notifications. The screen does not show colour like the Samsung Fit, but it is probably one of the features that makes it cheaper for customers.

Samsung has had a lot of success when it comes to their high-end smartwatches but when it comes to this type of watch, Samsung will be competing with a good amount of big companies. Big companies that have already made low cost fitness bands (such as Huawei and Xiaomi.) With information like this, we can't help but wonder how Samsung is going to establish themselves in the market and make themselves stand out.

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