Galaxy Watch LTE available to Claro Customers in Brazil

The Galaxy Watch LTE is now being sold in Brazil through Claro (it's new carrier in the country.) With this, you can sign up for Claro Sync.
May 6, 2019

Claro has started selling the Galaxy Watch LTE in Brazil as a new carrier for the watch in the country. Before this, the watch was only available for Vivo's post-paid customers.

The Galaxy Watch LTE allows customers to access network connectivity on their watch without having a smartphone connected to it. This feature only happens due to the e-sim built-in. The watch can even share the number and contract plan with the phone through a service similar to NumberSync, as service offered by AT&T in the US.

If you want to share your Claro Post plan and smartphone number with your watch, you'll need to subscribe to Claro Sync. At the moment, it costs approx. $7.60 (BRL 29.99) per month. The new carrier is also running a promo which gives people 3 months of FREE service. But they have to join and buy the watch through the network before May 30th. You can sync your smartwatch to your smartphone at any Claro store.

How to Sync your Smartphone and Smartwatch

  • You first need to open your Galaxy Wearable app on your phone
  • Next, press Start the Journey and choose Galaxy Watch from the list of devices that'll come up.
  • Now your watch and phone should try to connect via Bluetooth
  • Press the tick on the watch and the OK on your phone to confirm the six-digit code to connect them.
  • You may need to allow several permissions depending on your device and then agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You'll now need to create or sign in to your Samsung account
  • Select whether you want to have your previous information restored (if you have not used a Galaxy Watch press skip)
  • The Galaxy Watch will connect to the network service your phone is using to find a compatible network service for it.
  • Once it has found a network connection (and you haven't pressed skip for the previous instruction) follow the instructions provided by your mobile network operator to connect your Galaxy Watch to a mobile service. Once you have confirmed your Claro Sync subscription service your Smartwatch will disconnect and reconnect to your phone.

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