Samsung Galaxy Fit features shown off in a new video

The Galaxy Fit specifications have been shown on Samsung's website and they've also released a small but effective video on YouTube to build hype for it.
May 17, 2019

Samsung has started to build up some hype for the new smartwatch, the Galaxy Fit. Over on Youtube, Samsung has posted a short video revealing the most appealing of the watch's features. Between the Galaxy Fit and the Fit-e, there aren't many differences that you can see apart from the bigger and coloured screen and the bigger battery.

The Galaxy Fit is pretty small and doesn't have many of the features that a full-blown smartwatch would have. The fitness band is made to make your exercises feel less awkward as it weighs less. When you're travelling abroad, the watch is said to 'get there first' as it provides the new time-zone for you.

The battery of the Galaxy Fit is said to last up to a week but may be less depending on the features or small applications that you use, as well as how often you charge the device. When you're exercising, the Fit-e can automatically when you're walking, running and doing dynamic exercises. It also helps you track the 90 exercises it has. The device also has ways to calm your breathing and stress levels through breathing exercises it has. You also get phone call notifications when connected to your smartphone.

It can also read your heart rate and send them to your phone when you start an activity through the Samsung Health app. Like other Samsung fitness watches, the Galaxy Fit analyses your sleep throughout the night and provides you with the Information to check on.

Galaxy Fit

Whats inside the Galaxy Fit?

The watch has Bluetooth version 5.0. The display is AMOLED with a coloured screen unlike the mono depth of colours on the Fit-e. The screen size is 0.95", with a resolution of 128 x 64. It has 2GB of RAM and 32MB of ROM. The dimensions of the device is 18.3 x 45.1 x 11.2t and weighs 23g. The battery is 120mAh and, as I've said above, can typically last up to a week depending on its usage. An additional feature is that the watch has a 5ATM water resistance.

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