Use Visual Studio Tools to create a Galaxy Watch Tizen .NET Application

Create your first wearable Tizen .NET App for a Galaxy Watch. This webinar will teach you about the Tizen wearable platform and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen
May 31, 2019

Samsung does a wonderful job of putting together webinars and other resources to assist developers in creating Tizen applications for wearable devices. Many are familiar with the Galaxy Watch Designer (GWD) when it comes to making watch faces, the most popular type of apps for Samsung smartwatches, but developing an app using the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen can create more advanced applications, far beyond the GWD capabilities.

As owner and lead designer at Infinity Watchfaces, my main focus has been GWD because of how quickly I can bring a design to life. I’m able to use the design software I know like the Adobe Suite to make detailed watchfaces, animated to realistic. Now it is time for me to venture out into the Tizen tools for Visual Studio, expand my programming knowledge, and level up to developer status. Just imagine what can be created using the Tizen .NET architecture!

Tizen wearable webinar

In the webinar, by Cristian Lewczyk, you learn the below information:

  1. What is the Tizen Wearable Platform?
  2. How to use the Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.
  3. How to create a sample Tizen Wearable .NET app.
  4. How to use the certificate and device managers to deploy your app to a Galaxy Watch.
  5. Best practices for designing wearable apps.

Video - Create Your First Wearable Tizen .NET Application for a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Tizen Developer resources

The following a developer resources that you may find useful:

  • - great for getting started guides and API reference docs.
  • - guides to the seller office and Samsung Developer Program
  • Github - repo of working sample applications and resources on how to use specific APIs and Features

    Below are helpful links Cristian linked in his webinar:

I’ll be going through this webinar myself and encourage you to embark on Tizen .NET development using the tools in Visual Studio.

Great job Cristian! Thank you!

This is a guest post by Chris Shomo of Infinity Watch Faces.

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