Galaxy Home will be launched in Q3 2019, confirms Samsung CEO

Last year Samsung had announced their Galaxy Home speaker but have been delaying it. The speaker should come later this year!
Jun 4, 2019

Early last year, Galaxy Home was announced alongside the Galaxy S9. February this year, the smart speaker was said to be launched for March. As you can tell, they have seemed to have missed their deadline - by quite a bit. Now, Samsung's CEO, Kim Hyun-suk, had stated that the Galaxy Home "is planned to be launched in mid-second half of the year" at a press conference when answering a question. Many people take this as the third quarter of the year. Which starts at about 1st July all the way through 30th September. The Galaxy Home is being launched in Q3!

The speaker itself is meant to be a competitor against the other main Artificial Intelligence speakers in the market. For example, Apple's Home Pod, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Google Home. Samsung's also has a goal to connect all their products, including their fridges, by 2020 through their AI platform, Bixby.


During the press conference, Kim Hyun-Suk has said that "The AI speaker will help achieve completion of Samsung's IoT initiative. He had also said that right now, their Smart Things app only allows a connected home which can operate Bixby powered devices separately.

The CEO has also said that what the company are trying to do in the end-game is to integrate all of the connected devices with the speaker. They also want to improve customer experiences by offering improved software. An example he gave: "an energy-saving solution by controlling all of the connected devices at once,”

Samsung's AI speaker is said to be a hub of all of its smart home functions. That sounds pretty cool to me. Let's just hope this device doesn't fail as badly as Samsung's foldable phone did and that the Galaxy Home is launched in Q3.

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