The Galaxy Watch Active 2 Leaked in Pictures

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been leaked in pictures and also specifications. We were expecting the Galaxy Watch 2 to be released, but that is not the case
Jun 28, 2019

According to the website Sammobile, they have some breaking news. Apparently, the website has received some Information and pictures regarding Samsungs next wearable. We were looking forward to seeing the Galaxy Watch 2 released, but now it seems Samsung might be releasing the Galaxy Watch ACTIVE 2.

The details gleaned so far for the Watch Active 2 is that it will come in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Galaxy Watch Active was 38mm. The rotating bezel that is seen on the Gear S2, Gear S3, and Galaxy Watch has not been implemented. Will Samsung return to it for future models? There is no news for that, but the Galaxy Watch 2 might certainly see it, or not. Early days!

Galaxy watch active 2

Looks wise the Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks very similar to the Galaxy Watch Active. There are some changes in the look of the home/power button. From the pictures, it can be seen that the home button is round with a red circle around it. The back button has a rectangular shape. These design changes might change before the design is finalised and it is shipped.

Looking at the back of the watch there is a circular plate around the heart rate sensor. Could this be an aid to perform better heart rate measurements? As any heart rate monitor watches moves whiles against the skin, this results in not being able to take a reading at times.

Galaxy watch active 2

The Watch Active 2 will have an LTE variant as well as the usual BT/WiFi version. There is evidence of the inclusion of a microphone and loudspeaker meaning you should be able to take and receive calls. The loudspeaker also means that you can hear audio from apps - this is sadly omitted from the original Galaxy Watch Active.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 Specs

There is news on battery sizes with the LTE version having a 340 mAh battery inside and the Wi-Fi model will have a 237 mAh battery. As expected the software will be updated with it shipping with One UI version 1.5. We hope to also see some more software features that should also trickle down to the Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Gear S3, and Gear Sport. RAM we would expect 1.5GB and 4GB storage. It will arrive in 3 colours - Silver, Black and Gold.

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