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Jul 30, 2019
Samsung has recently released a teaser about the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Tab S6 Tablet on YouTube. Samsung has been teasing us with these devices for the last few weeks. From the teaser, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is going to be launched on the 5th August and the Tab S6 is being […]
Jul 29, 2019
As we all think that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will launch soon, Samsung seems to have been preparing for it. The demo models of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 that would go on sale were certified by the WiFi Alliance. This also hints that the smartwatch may launch alongside the Note 10 on August […]
Jul 27, 2019
Facebook, back in 2016, a data mining and analytics firm named "Cambridge Analytica" misused Facebook user data. The misuse of data ended up influencing lots of voters in the 2016 US presidential elections. Then, in March 2018, Mark Zuckerberg then came out of his silence. He then provided a statement about the scandal between Facebook […]
Jul 26, 2019
We are all pretty excited for the release of the Galaxy Note 10. What makes us even more excited is that there is a Samsung Note 10 trade-in offer that Samsung has recently started. What is this Samsung Note 10 trade-in? Samsung has a list of flagship phones from themselves, Google and Apple from the […]
Jul 26, 2019
Tizen Studio 3.3 has been released. This is Samsung's all-in-one solution for Tizen app development. The last update, version 3.2, was released 4 months ago. Looking through the changelog and release notes, Tizen Studio IDE and its tools will benefit from the performance and bug-fix Improvements. There has been no Introduction of any new major features. You […]
Jul 25, 2019
After the major flop which was the release of the Galaxy Fold to bloggers, Samsung had to delay their release date. The issues with the smartphone? The fact that the top protective layer was peel-able and the hinge let debris in under the screen. The folding crease had also completely broken. Now, Samsung have seemed […]
Jul 25, 2019
Google's Nest Hub Max was initially announced in May. Now, according to Info uncovered by Droid life, Nest Hub Max will go on sale in the U.S., UK, and Australia. The sale date will be Sept 9 for the price of U.S. $229, GBP £219, and AUD $349. The Nest Hub Max will have a […]
Jul 24, 2019
The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been gathering a lot of attention and hype ever since those leaked images was shared all over the internet. Now, we are able to confirm more features of the smartwatch. To start things off, we can confirm that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have a touch bezel instead […]
Jul 23, 2019
The Galaxy Watch Active has had an update to make it "Smarter, Sportier," and "Snazzier" according to Samsung. One of the improvements is that the Bixby voice assistant can now be used to control SmartThings products, find out the time difference between two cities and start you customised exercise routines. Sounds good already. The next […]
Jul 19, 2019
It hasn't been that long since the Samsung Galaxy Watch got a software update, which improved Samsung health stability - but here we are again. This latest software/firmware version for the Galaxy Watch takes us to R800XXU1CSG4 / R8000XA1CSG4. It is only a fairly small update, measuring in at 15.12 MB. Galaxy Watch gets Improved […]
Jul 18, 2019
FaceApp is a popular App that seems to have gone Viral - mainly because of one feature. The feature that shows what you may look like when you're older. Sounds great, right? Well, not really when you find out what people have suspected the App of doing. Many people are concerned about the way FaceApp […]
Jul 17, 2019
There are many fitness trackers on the market and a quite formidable one is the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. We've always been a fan of its shape, fitness features, and that lovely Super AMOLED screen. It offers you dust resistance as well as allowing you to swim to depths of up to fifty meters. There […]
Jul 16, 2019
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a watch that has been much awaited since its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch Active. So far we have seen the leaked renders, where we can see that the design is very much like the Galaxy Watch Active. We can also see that the watch comes with two physical […]
Jul 15, 2019
Back in late May, the US President, Donald Trump, had blacklisted the Chinese company, Huawei. Obviously, this has been a bit of an issue for the company as Google may not be able to support the phones with the Android OS. Also, Apps like the Chrome browser or YouTube or even Gmail will not be […]
Jul 15, 2019
Samsung has a habit of releasing newer wearable devices that sport newer Operating Systems version, User Interfaces, and watch faces. Users of older devices usually go through a period of drooling and then receive some of the goodies as a pass me down. Well, at the tail end of last week Samsung released watch faces: […]
Jul 12, 2019
Do you love leaked Information? Well, today we have renders of the potentially upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2, been leaked out to the public to confirm what we have guessed since the Watch Active being released. From what we can tell at a first glance is that it looks very similar to the first Galaxy […]
Jul 12, 2019
A new app has been released for Samsung Galaxy watches that let you design your very own Watch Faces. This has always been one of the best features of Samsung's wearable line, literally thousands to download, direct from the Galaxy Store. The versatility of being able to change the displayed watch face is great - […]
Jul 10, 2019
Great news for Amazon Fire TV users. The official YouTube App is back on Amazon Fire TV. It's been well over a year since Google pulled the app from Amazon devices. This is because of a small feud that started in late 2015 when Amazon stopped selling Google's Chromecast devices and then obviously, Google pulled […]
Jul 10, 2019
Oh how we love software/firmware updates at IoT Gadgets. Today, we have an software update being rolled out for the Samsung Gear S3 wearable device. This updates takes your watch to version R760XXU2ESF2 / R7600XA2ESF2 for the Gear S3 Frontier and version R770XXU2ESF2 / R770OXA2ESF2 for the Gear S3 Classic. Update: THis software update has […]
Jul 9, 2019
Here we are again, to see the best apps and games downloaded for each month, this time in the Tizen Store in June 2019. As we can see from the list below, WhatsApp Messenger has remained in the top spot but Facebook (which was in second place in many previous months) is not there anymore. […]

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