Galaxy Fold new Launch Date Announced as September

The Galaxy Fold launch date is coming soon. After a series of complaints in April, Samsung have tried to improve them through hard work and focus.
Jul 25, 2019

After the major flop which was the release of the Galaxy Fold to bloggers, Samsung had to delay their release date. The issues with the smartphone? The fact that the top protective layer was peel-able and the hinge let debris in under the screen. The folding crease had also completely broken. Now, Samsung have seemed to make a comeback as the launch date of the Galaxy Fold is to launch in September.

How have Samsung improved the Galaxy Fold?

So, now Samsung are once again going to release the Galaxy Fold. What have they changed? To start off, the top protective layer of the screen has been extended beyond the bezel. Meaning people can't peel it off anymore because it now looks more apparent that it is part of the display structure. The smartphone now has more "reinforcements" to stop debris getting under the screen through the hinge. One of the reinforcements is that the top and bottom of the hinge area now have protection caps. There are also new metal layers underneath the display to protect it more. The space between the hinge and the body has now been reduced - hopefully less debris will get under the screen.

Galaxy Fold launch

As well as all of these physical improvements, Samsung have been working to improve the Galaxy Fold's user experience. They have optimised more apps and services for the foldable UX. Samsung, are now conducting the final tests for the smartphone before it is released in September. Samsung has also stated that the smartphone will be available in "select markets". They have said that availability details for the Galaxy Fold will be shared as we get closer to the launch date. Samsung may be leaving out certain small markets as they're just being cautious. That would be understandable after what happened to the original Galaxy Fold. The smartphone is also going to sell for the same price they announced before: $1,980 (£1584.75)

Hopefully, there will be no other setbacks for Samsung so then we can get the smartphone in our hands sooner than later.

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